Why We're Different People in Different Languages

Linguistic Shades: Why We’re Different People in Different Languages

In our attempts to learn a new language, we might try to synthesize all the parts of ourselves that were shattered when we built Babel. “Learn a language, get a new soul,” a Czech proverb declares. Maybe deep in our psyche, we know all human language to be one. 

Sirens and the Meadow

Sirens and the Meadow

The meadow burns; the sirens blare
Does it matter what we fed the fire
When ashes lay in shame

And if you had listened closely
The silence of my pulse
Never asked for you
Never asked for me

Moments of Impact: Realityland in Florida Project

Moments of Impact: Realityland in ‘Florida Project’

Americans breathe in the fumes of Fantasyland, a place where happiness is possessed. But Fantasyland has a mirror universe: the harsh and irrefutable Realityland as presented in Sean Baker’s revolutionary new film, Florida Project.

Semantic Drifting: The Story of the Word "Amazing"

Semantic Drifting: The Story of the Word “Amazing”

Words pass through time like great works of art or literature. Rarely do they receive the same interpretations they did in their inception. The process driving their evolution is semantic drift, the way words change meaning in their lifespan.

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